Welcome – Ahlan w sahlan


Ahlan w sahlan to you!

Arabic adventures is an idea that has been brewing in the background while I pursued my interest in the Arabic language at Oxford. I have now been tasked with creating the curriculum for years 8-10 for Qur’anic Arabic which includes designing the workbooks and teaching the material.

Much has been created to facilitate Arabic language teaching to non-native speakers, but I have struggled to find teaching material around Qur’anic Arabic.

It is my hope that my blog and the content I share will cover that gap insha Allah.

In brief, my vision/aims and objectives for this blog are:
◾ To share my experience of being an Arabic teacher for a Saturday school.
◾To offer creative Qur’anic content that could be of help to fellow Saturday school teachers, particularly of the Arabic language.

Jzk for reading, May Allah accept and make easy the task ahead. Ameen!


2 responses to “Welcome – Ahlan w sahlan

  1. Jazaki Llahu khayran! May Allah help you to teach the Qur’ân amine! :.)


  2. Asslam Alikum Sister,
    You ARE Amazing. mashallah all your creative works leave me speechless
    jazakiAllah kair for putting all these effort for free
    your sister
    a primary school teacher at a day islamic school in Australia


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