Al Barakah Foundation

The Saturday school where I was a student and have taught for over 5 years is located in London and offers Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic studies. I am excited to begin teaching Years 8-10 girls Arabic classes from September iA.


Here is some info from their front page:

Al Barakah Foundation offers a happy and vibrant Islamic environment for learning. This is achieved through dedication, teamwork and the support of the community. It is built on a foundation to please Allah (Glory be to Him) and follow His beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

The school believes in excellence through hard work and commitment. Al Barakah has both excellent academic and spiritual standards. We take the Islamic education of our students as an enormous responsibility and strive to embed a lifelong love of learning. Here at Al Barakah, our aim is to give our students a sense of identity as Muslims and to provide them with an understanding of Islam that encourages them to contribute positively to the wider society.

We believe that Al Barakah School is truly a blessing from Allah and it is only by His Grace and Mercy that we are able to fulfil our tasks.

Dawood and Shamim Khan
Principal and Head Teacher

The admissions/fees page is here.

May Allah reward all of the staff immensely! Ameen.




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