Loop Game/ I have – who has game


This game has been designed to be a class activity, in particular a starter activity to help with reviewing vocab. 

loop game ghashiyah ala and tariq-page-001loop game bayyinah-page-001

How to play the game: 

  • Distribute the cards randomly to the students, some may get more than one. 
  • Select a student to begin by reading the card out loud. 
  • The student who has the card with the correct answer to the previous student’s “who has….” question reads their card out aloud. 
  • Students must listen to their turn and try not to break their chain
  • When the chain circle back to the first student,game is over.
  • Remember to begin the game by saying Bismillah! 🙂 

 Loop game Surah al-bayyinah 

Loop game Surah al-`Alaq and at-Teen

Loop game Surah Ghashiyah, al-`Ala and at-Tariq


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