Welcome back note


Insha Allah, the first lesson will begin with ice breakers, handing out textbooks, getting their personal and parent’s email ads and going through the welcome pack each student will receive. The pack will contain a page giving the overview of the syllabus, a layout of my expectations, how the surah will be taught, the mark scheme and the assessment chart. I have also adapted the note Apple gives to its employees on their first day of work to fit into my Qur’anic Arabic classes.

The student will get out of my classes what they put in and I will always be challenging them and helping them in their weaker areas. The students should feel growth both in their Arabic language skills and in their personalities, and I hope that my classroom setting will facilitate this insha Allah.


So here is the note I made- Apple style (feel free to edit the word doc to fit it into your subject/classroom)

Qur’anic Arabic apple note pdf

Qur’anic Arabic apple note word

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