Surah Lapbooks


Lapbooks are a great way of reviewing newly learnt material. One of the activities I’ve prepared for the students is a secret agent lapbook letter. It contains the names of the 3 Surahs I need them to make a lapbook on, where they can find the templates and ideas from. I think it’s a fun way of giving a task which needs to be completed after several weeks.

The Lapbook 101 site is really helpful and has lots of printables and videos.

Here is the pdf of the lapbook letter (yr 8).

lapbook letter yr 8-page-001

I figured out a way of printing on envelopes using my home printer and the top secret stamp on the envelopes may it appealing to teenagers.


Hope you enjoy creating this activity for your students. I will upload pics of Lapbooks that my student come up with.


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