Surah `Abasa `Ilm to `Amal series


My year 10s have now moved on to Surah `Abasa masha Allah. We have so far covered the following:

  • Surah at-Takweer recitation of Arabic
  • Surah at-Takweer tafsir, key themes and action points for daily life derived from this Surah
  • Grammar points: The definite article, detached pronouns, attached pronouns, demonstrative pronouns and prepositions.

In the last lesson, we covered the recitation and brief Tafsir of Surah `Abasa. The students have been given the research of this Surah’s tafsir as h/w as well as to complete one action point.

They can choose one from the following:

surah abasa action series-page-001Here are the activity sheets they can choose from, or create their own versions:

Food item table quran-page-001

Food item table quran-page-001

  • Keep a food diary for a week and reflect on your diet. Is it a healthy one?

food diary abasa-page-001

activity 1-page-001

I hope this helps with your teachign or study of Surah `Abasa insha Allah,


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