Barakah Bags


So often in class when I’ve asked the girls to summarize the tafsir of a Surah from Juz `Amma their typical response will be the Surah tells me to be a better Muslim or I should do more good deeds. While there is nothing wrong with such statements, it’s time to look into what they mean in practical terms.

So introducing…Barakah Bags. A modest attempt at introducing community activism to my Year 8, 9 and 10 Arabic students at Al Barakah Saturday school.

From the blog

The aim of this community project is to distribute on the go packs to homeless individuals in our communities. Many charities will feed the homeless once a week but distributing Barakah bags ensures that on the other days the homeless have the essentials they might need.

Example of a Barakah Bag

I want to start with the girls at Al Barakah saturday school and the vision is to inspire other schools and Islamic study circles to take part. Eventually, I hope that the idea will catch on outside the UK.

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