40 Illustrated Nouns from the Qur’an


Download the Pdf by clicking below  –>

40 Illustrated Nouns from the Qur’an PDF 

I will be laminating the sheets and cutting them out each inshallah to make mini cards.

illustrated nouns-page-001 (1)Hope you find this pdf useful iA


9 responses to “40 Illustrated Nouns from the Qur’an

  1. Great work mashallah,
    I would love to use this with my son.
    I just want to bring to your attention that there are some small mistakes. In the Arabic language, Harakat makes a huge difference in the meaning of a word, and I noticed you have few of them that are not correct.

    Jazak Allahu khairan


    • Jzk for your comment. Thank you for bringing the mistakes to my attention. I will edit the pdf document and upload the correct version as soon as I get the chance insha Allah.
      Please like the arabic adventures facebook page and share this website with family and friends.
      Barakallahu feeki!


  2. Salam, has this been edited? Would love to use it for our Quran class


  3. It is not showing up for download sis


  4. It should show up…I just changed the wording to make it easier to click and download. Hope that helps!


  5. Amazing helps alot with teaching non-Arabic speaking


  6. Rafia Aafreen

    Jazakallah khair. May Allah makr this a sadaqa jaariyah for you


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