Qur’anic Arabic Vocabulary


Up for a challenge? Use the following worksheet will help you learn at least 20 keywords that regularly occur through out the Qur’an.

I will be using this worksheet with my Year 10s to help them revise the 20 words. I’ve uploaded the keywords and example ayaahs here for those of you who are learning them for the first time.

With Ramadan coming up – it will be useful to learn keywords to understand the Qur’an in Arabic as you recite it during the day, in prayers, in Taraweeh and when the Imam recites ayaat containing these keywords.

Blank worksheet for 20 Qur’anic Arabic keywords

20 Qur’anic Arabic keywords answers pdf

keywords juz amma-page-001

keywords juz amma-page-002 (2)

Enjoy! Hope you manage to learn all 20 inshallah!



5 responses to “Qur’anic Arabic Vocabulary

  1. Salam alekom, this is such a fabulous worksheet. I want to introduce it to my kids at our weekend madrasah school. Do you by any chance have the pdf of the empty template not the sample one that is already completed? JAK

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  2. Yes I would love to use it as well, same problem there isn’t a blank pdf. Are you able to provide this?

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  3. nice


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