Sharing Eid 2016 with the homeless 


Only 74 more cards to go out of 180! Please consider donating if you haven’t already done so. It would mean a lot to the guests of Children of Adam who would appreciate this gesture from people. Plus, its a sweet way of giving them a helping hand without making them feel bad about themselves. Lets spoil them together 🙂 donation link is in the comments section…

The giving of Eidiyyeh/Eidi/Eid money to children (and sometimes to grown ups too!) by adults is a beautiful age old tradition in Muslim communities.
This Eid, I would like to share this tradition with the 180 guests of Children of Adam, a charity which works with the homeless.
I am looking to hand out a gift card worth £10 to each guest giving them the freedom to shop for what they need. The gift cards will be of major stores such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys.
How you can help?

1. Donate £10 towards a gift card (as many as you like) by clicking on the following link:

You will recieve a reciept too! 🙂

2. I will purchase a gift card, put it into a pouch with an Eid message and perfume the bag.
Aisha (rad) would perfume the Sadaqa she would hand out to the needy. She explained that she wanted the charity to reach in a fragrant condition to Allah before it reached the hands of the person in need. In her beautiful way, I will be doing the same thing insha Allah 🙂
I will be handing out the gift cards on the first Sunday after Eid iA.
How often are the homeless gifted with something? This is your chance to share the spirit of Eid with them and include them in this tradition of ours.

Please help me reach my target of 180 gift cards!
Donate now 🙂


Hiba Mohamad

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