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Welcome to the Arabic Adventures site!

I am Hiba Mohamad, a graduate of the University of Oxford where I read Arabic and Persian with Islamic studies. I studied Arabic at IFPO in Lebanon where I also gained an Ijazah in Riwayat Hafs.  During my time at university, I continued to teach Arabic and Qur’an (Tajweed) at Al Barakah Foundation in London. Recently, I have been working on designing Qur’anic Arabic textbooks with advanced Arabic grammar for years 8-10 (ages 12-18), as well as setting the Arabic curriculum for these classes.

I hope this site will fill in the gap for free Qur’anic Arabic resources for teenagers. I hope you find them engaging and useful.

Jazakallah Kheiran,


14 responses to “About me

  1. Asalamualaikum sister, fantastic site you have created! May Allah SWT reward you.
    Sister, do you teach children arabic on a private basis?


  2. Great work sister add arabic grammer and daily life worksheets as well may Allah reward you for such good work jazakallah


  3. Jazkallah Kheir for your kind words. Insha Allah more resources will be added in the coming months. Please don’t forget to like and share the Arabic adventures facebook page to stay up to date. Salam.


  4. JazakAllah sister! Tremendous work, helped me and my kids in learning Arabic in a new way. Worksheets are intuitive and helpful. May Allah increase your knowledge more to spread this light..


  5. Jazakallah kheir for your kind words. Please share the website and facebook page with friends and family. May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen!


  6. Assalamu 3alayki wa rahmatullah ukhty Hiba!
    mashaAllah I am glad to meet you and to find your beautiful and useful website!
    I am a French muslima mostly raising her daughter in classical/Quranic Arabic since her birth (it’s now is first language alhamdulillah!) and, bi’idhnillAh, I would like to share my experience/tips with parents who have the same interest in Quranic Arabic.
    I am currently sharing it on twitter @EnjoyArabic (just started) and I am going to create a website inshaAllah. I will share your website and helpful/enjoyable ressources!
    Keep in touch inshaAllah!
    Jazaki llahu khayran!
    Ummu Meriem.


    • Wa3alaykum Salam! Jzk for your kind words. May Allah accept our efforts ameen. Yes, please do comtinue to share the resources, this website and the Arabic Adventures facebook page. I will endeveour to do the same for your website inshallah. Hiba


  7. ok inshaAllah! shukran laki,
    wassalamu 3alaykum!


  8. Hi … I am kelly .I liked so much this site about arabic.I live in Brazil and i am braziian I always study arabic in internet.


  9. assalam alaykum,

    Do you recommend any sites for children under age 10?



  10. MashAllah your website is just amazing, Since coming across your website, I made you so much duaa sister. Jazak Allah kheiren for your hard work . May Allah grant you Jannah.


  11. Doha Moustafa

    Jazakii Allah khyrn for ur effort May Allah rewards u insha’Allah
    i sent u mail plz check it


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