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Surah al-Bayyinah Dominoes game

Juzz Amma Dominoes Game Series


We’re all familiar with dominoes so I thought why not use them to create a keyword review game. These will be printed on good quality thick paper and then laminated – the school will appreciate the extra work so we don’t have to make them annually!

So this game is for the dominoe game Surah al Bayyinah to help review the vocabulary in a fun way. I’ll store them in a clear plastic sealable bag.

dominoe game Surah al bayyinah-page-001I hope you enjoy using this game. Please leave a comment or suggestion to help improve this site!


Loop Game/ I have – who has game


This game has been designed to be a class activity, in particular a starter activity to help with reviewing vocab. 

loop game ghashiyah ala and tariq-page-001loop game bayyinah-page-001

How to play the game: 

  • Distribute the cards randomly to the students, some may get more than one. 
  • Select a student to begin by reading the card out loud. 
  • The student who has the card with the correct answer to the previous student’s “who has….” question reads their card out aloud. 
  • Students must listen to their turn and try not to break their chain
  • When the chain circle back to the first student,game is over.
  • Remember to begin the game by saying Bismillah! 🙂 

 Loop game Surah al-bayyinah 

Loop game Surah al-`Alaq and at-Teen

Loop game Surah Ghashiyah, al-`Ala and at-Tariq


Arabic Vocab Board game


After 4 years of learning Arabic, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt it would be the importance of constantly reviewing vocabulary. Teaching yrs 8-10 means the age range for them is 13-16. Teenagers! So I had to find a way of helping them to review all the vocabulary for the surahs they have learnt so far at Al Barakah. The solution: Arabic monopoly game.

board game

I use simple file folders that can be found at any major store. The monopoly boardgame pdf only has the options of “vocab” [both eng-arab/arab[eng] and Q-cards which have questions that test them on the tafsir of the surahs they learnt in previous years.

monopoly game pdf-page-001

All the  question cards  are relevant to the al Barakah Arabic syllabus. I glued the cards to coloured card and cut around them to give a nice border. I store these game cards in a Ziploc bag for safe keeping.

monopoly game question cards-page-001

The monopoly-ish looking board game will be played by one team for 15 minutes, while the other teams work on another activity. The girls will then rotate. The board game printable can be used as your class requires.

Hope you like this activity, please leave a comment or suggestion!