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Kids Halaqa session (5): Pumpkin Party!


I decided to host a Pumpkin Party on Saturday evening which conveniently coincided with the night of Halloween. I took this opportunity to host a discussion session on the origins and history of Halloween. I then shared with them the real reason why we were there: to celebrate the Pumpkin as a vegetable loved by the Prophet and one mentioned in the Qur’an in the context of the story of Yunus (as) and the whale  🙂

pumpkin party poster-page-001

MashaAllah, once I had the mums on board and they understood how this would party would benefit the girls, the rest was easy peasy! The mums contributed with some yummy food and pumpkins!

Here are the worksheets I used to kick off the discussion.

The Halloween discussion sheet highlights the pagan/celtic/Chrisitian origins of each activity usually done at Halloween. At the end, it summarises the key reasons why Muslims should not participate in this celebration. I did a quick vote over who believes we should not celebrate Halloween, MashaAllah, all agreed it was the right decision.

Download this worksheet from HERE

Halloween sheet-page-001We then learnt about the the Prophet’s special love for Pumpkins as mentioned by numerous Ahadith! Many of us don’t know this, forever associating the Pumpkin to Halloween but never knowing this amazing fact. I mentioned this at this time to help the kids feel more love for the Prophet, to connect them with the beloved with something they will be seeing at every supermarket. To help them disassociate this vegetable with carved spooky faces. I will never forget the smiles and surprise look on their faces when they learnt of this!

Here is the worksheet I used to kickstart this discussion:

Download the worksheet HERE

Pumpkin sheet-page-001

Pumpkin sheet-page-002

After that, I handed out a worksheet that has other foods mentioned in the Qur’an. By the way “Yaqteen” is Pumpkin in Arabic 🙂

Instructions to create this mini booklet can be found HERE.

Download the following worksheet HERE.

foods mentioned in the quran-page-001 (1)

So the girls now have a mini dictionary of foods mentioned in the Qur’an. They have been asked to colour in the foods and add their names to the front.

We then had a 20 minute timed pumpkin decoration competition! The girls were busy sticking, gluing and cutting and inshallah I will announce the winners in the next session. It was a lot of fun!

Here are some pics:

pic4 pic5

We then played Poke-A-Pumpkin game. Each cup had an Islamic quiz question and some of them had a gold coin. It was a lovely and subtle way of informally testing and finding out the strengths and weaknesses in Islamic knowledge.


The day ended with gobbling down yummy party food and chit chat. Oh! and I gave out handmade Pumpkin treat bags 🙂


I am coming to love these girls as my own little sisters. It’s lovely to witness positive changes in them and to offer them the chance to have some halal fun and form good friendships that will benefit them in this life and the next. May Allah accept. Ameen.

Did you like this idea? Any comments, suggestions or queries will be most welcome.


Arabic class plenary grid


In preparation for the new academic year, I have been searching for ways to informally assess learning. An easy way to do this is to make sure that time is taken out to complete the plenary at the end of each lessons.

As I teach teenage muslim girls, I think they would appreciate being given the chance to choose how they want to sum up or reflect on their learning at the end of a lesson. So here’s my version of something I found on Pinterest (the creator has allowed teachers to edit the resource to make it their own).

So here is my version which is suited to my teaching needs. Insha Allah, now that I have spent time creating a resource for plenaries, I will be motivated to use it with my students.

Download your free copy here: Arabic Class plenary grid
arabic class plenary grid-page-001HM

Interrogative pronouns in the Qur’an


Many ayaat in the Qur’an contain question words also knows as Interrogative pronouns. Here is a pdf that will help you learn and identify them in the Qur’an. There is a summary page at the end of the booklet that lists the question words all together.

Download the free pdf HERE

question wordspdf-page-001

question wordspdf-page-002

question wordspdf-page-003

question wordspdf-page-004HM

Creative way of teaching Arabic alphabets 


I came across this video on youtube and it was a very interesting watch. If only all Arabic grammar points were made this simple, fun and creative – all of us would be enjoying our Arabic journey more. 

Insha Allah, this website and the free resources I’m uploading will address this need in its own little way. 

For now, enjoy the video 🙂 

New page Added: Grammar Videos


I’ve updated the website a bit by adding an extra page under the Arabic grammar resource tab that can be found at the top of the Home page. This page is a collection of youtube videos of grammar points that can help you and your students in their Arabic grammar learning journey. They are not my personal videos but those I have found on Youtube and have used in my classroom.

~This page will be updated regularly insha Allah~

Click on the image below to go check the new page out 🙂


Your feedback, comments and suggestions are appreciated,

Barakallahu feekum,


Yemen Crises Charity Dinner, London



A country experiencing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises at the moment where at least 4 out of 5 people are food insecure and hospitals have run out or are on the brink of running out of much needed medical supplies.

Calling  all Yemen + Arabic language enthusiasts = do your bit to help those who are suffering in this blessed land.

If you have benefited from this site in any small way – please consider booking a seat at this not-to-be-missed charity dinner taking place Saturday 13th June, 6-10pm and join me in supporting this cause.

Ticket booking link:

Alternatively – here is the link to the DONATION PAGE  if you are unable to attend but would still like to contribute!


JZK! 🙂

New Arabic Language teaching resources



Here are a few Arabic language teaching resources I have come across that you may also find helpful in some way. I’ve been watching, downloading and reading everything Arabic teaching related these past few weeks and I’ve really enjoyed myself so here is a small selection of what I have come across:

Pictorial wiki – A site to help you learn Arabic vocabulary. The nice thing about this site is that the words are organised into categories. Each category has a picture and once you hover over the picture it will show you the word in Arabic and whether it is masculine/feminine.

Al-Masdar (Qatar Foundation International) – This is the section of the QFI site that has Language teaching resources as well as Arab Cultural resources. Full of resources for teachers. Take your pick.

Arabic Teacher Training and Cultural Programme – I’ve only watched the first two videos. They are aimed at teachers teaching Arabic speaking, reading and writing full-time. I’ve picked up points here and there and would like to do a separate blog post on them with a summary of each video.

Hope you find these links helpful iA!