Arabic subject pronouns game


Here is a good hands-on activity to help students review Subject pronouns in Arabic. It is a match up activity and can be used in a variety of ways.


An example would be to set up a competition in the class to see how fast students can match up the pronouns to their meaning. When we played this game, the kids had so much fun and I loved seeing them enjoying Arabic so much alhamdolillah.

I printed out enough for each child to use and laminated both the mat and the cut outs to allow me to use this resource across the school. I now wish I had printed it double sided to save paper but it works out fine either way.

Download the pdf HERE


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Fathatyan and Kasratayn activity for kids


Here’s an activity to help children to recognize words containing fat7atayn and kasratayn. Also, to build on this task, you can ask children to recite the words to help with reading and pronunciation practice.

Download the activity sheet: HERE

Fathatayn and Kasratayn Activity -page-001

 I hope you find this activity sheet useful.


Arabic class plenary grid


In preparation for the new academic year, I have been searching for ways to informally assess learning. An easy way to do this is to make sure that time is taken out to complete the plenary at the end of each lessons.

As I teach teenage muslim girls, I think they would appreciate being given the chance to choose how they want to sum up or reflect on their learning at the end of a lesson. So here’s my version of something I found on Pinterest (the creator has allowed teachers to edit the resource to make it their own).

So here is my version which is suited to my teaching needs. Insha Allah, now that I have spent time creating a resource for plenaries, I will be motivated to use it with my students.

Download your free copy here: Arabic Class plenary grid
arabic class plenary grid-page-001HM

Back to Madrasah Arabic Grammar Revision Sheet



It’s that time of year again where I’ve started planning for the coming term over again. The Arabic workbooks I’ve designed have been edited and there is a curriculum that is coming together now alhamdolillah.

In prep for the 1st lesson back, I’ve created this Back to Madrasah Arabic Grammar revision sheet to help them review what was taught last year.

Download your free copy HERE

Back to Madrasah Revision Sheet-page-001 Back to Madrasah Revision Sheet-page-002

Hope this is useful iA.


Interrogative pronouns in the Qur’an


Many ayaat in the Qur’an contain question words also knows as Interrogative pronouns. Here is a pdf that will help you learn and identify them in the Qur’an. There is a summary page at the end of the booklet that lists the question words all together.

Download the free pdf HERE

question wordspdf-page-001

question wordspdf-page-002

question wordspdf-page-003

question wordspdf-page-004HM

Creative way of teaching Arabic alphabets 


I came across this video on youtube and it was a very interesting watch. If only all Arabic grammar points were made this simple, fun and creative – all of us would be enjoying our Arabic journey more. 

Insha Allah, this website and the free resources I’m uploading will address this need in its own little way. 

For now, enjoy the video 🙂 

New page Added: Grammar Videos


I’ve updated the website a bit by adding an extra page under the Arabic grammar resource tab that can be found at the top of the Home page. This page is a collection of youtube videos of grammar points that can help you and your students in their Arabic grammar learning journey. They are not my personal videos but those I have found on Youtube and have used in my classroom.

~This page will be updated regularly insha Allah~

Click on the image below to go check the new page out 🙂


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Barakallahu feekum,