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Juzz `Amma Folding Craft Activity


One fun way of teaching the Surah order of Juzz `Amma is to create this Accordion folding stick craft activity – what a mouthful! 🙂 I came across this activity as a Butterfly activity and it has many versions such as the Father’s Day one. Here is the link to the  Bible craft version on Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities as it has excellent pictures that explain how to make it.

There are two ways of making this activity: If you want to hang it, you can attach a ribbon to the top into a loophole or leave the ribbon and use it to tie it together. Also, the Surah order can be either from Surah Naba to Surah al-Nas or the other way around.

Version 1:


Version 2:

final version

What you will need:

  1. Jumbo Craft sticks:  For my class I needed 10 for each student so I had to buy them in bulk from Amazon.
  2. The Juzz `Amma surah list pdf
  3. Coloured card strips
  4. Ribbon

For copyright reasons, I don’t think I can include even the instructions – so If you want to make this Accordion folding please head over to the Danielle’s place of Craft and Activities site.

For my class: I have cut the card into strips that fit into the jumbo size I need. If you want to avoid cutting strips because it is a time consuming thing, you can buy colored jumbo lollipop sticks. I have added stickers to jazz it up as well!

Hope you enjoy creating this activity with your class!


Loop Game/ I have – who has game


This game has been designed to be a class activity, in particular a starter activity to help with reviewing vocab. 

loop game ghashiyah ala and tariq-page-001loop game bayyinah-page-001

How to play the game: 

  • Distribute the cards randomly to the students, some may get more than one. 
  • Select a student to begin by reading the card out loud. 
  • The student who has the card with the correct answer to the previous student’s “who has….” question reads their card out aloud. 
  • Students must listen to their turn and try not to break their chain
  • When the chain circle back to the first student,game is over.
  • Remember to begin the game by saying Bismillah! 🙂 

 Loop game Surah al-bayyinah 

Loop game Surah al-`Alaq and at-Teen

Loop game Surah Ghashiyah, al-`Ala and at-Tariq