Juz `Amma Kids intensive course

Bismillah, A few years back, I delivered a two week intensive Juz `Amma course to the kids at my local masjid. It was a way to offer classes on one of my favourite Juz to kids over their summer vacation.

I want to offer the worksheets I used back then as they may be of help to parents, teachers or people looking to engage with this Juz on a more deeper level. Obviously, I would change many things about the worksheets but currently I don’t have time to invest into upgrading the worksheets. The worksheets will be available here and on the main Juz `Amma page iA. For the tafsir part, I used to listen to Muhammad al-Shareef’s audio series on this Juz and they helped massively.

The file I made for them also included these print outs: [I’ve uploaded them as word docs – incase you’d like to conduct this intensive course in your local mosque or school and would like to add something else].



6 responses to “Juz `Amma Kids intensive course

  1. Jazakallah Khair for your amazing efforts in putting this together. May Allah reward you abundantly. Do you have the tafsir guides for all the surahs? I see some Surahs only have the worksheets without the guide? Or do you know where I can find a child friendly version of the tafseers?


  2. Assalamoalaikum, MashaAllah wonderful work done. Wanted to ask you if we can use this material to teach in our weekend Islamic school. JazakiAllah Khairò


  3. AsSalamu Allykum teacher,

    Can I use your materials for Quran program dedicated for kids ages 4-9?


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