Lesson 1


I taught my first lesson of my own class (I was a supply teacher for the last few years while I was at uni) on Saturday 6th September. Alhamdulillah, all the lessons went according to plan and the school has agreed to trial having a classroom for just Arabic. At the moment the students stay in one class and the teacher’s move around.

In the first lesson. I began with the ice breaker using skittles, then I handed out the “Welcome back to Arabic through the Qur’an pack” I put together. It explained what the course is about, my expectations and how the Surahs will be taught. We quickly moved on to the Arabic grammar review booket, which contains explanations for all the Arabic grammar the students have learnt up to year 7. Some students responded well and clearly remembered the grammar rules and some were clearly uncomfortable at knowing that there will be a 10 minute assessment at the start of each lesson.

Welcome pack year 8-page-001 arabic revision booket-page-001

I had already created the Assessment 1 sheet to test understanding of the grammar in the booklet we went through. As well as formal assessments, I believe  in informally testing the students. Tests don’t have to be done on paper all the time. I will upload the assessment once I have used it in the classroom.

I hope the free resources attached help you in your teaching. Please leave a comment or suggestions!

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